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What To Expect In The First Trimester

So what should you expect in the first trimester of pregnancy?  For many of you, this is a very exciting time.  Especially if you’re a first time mom.  There is A LOT happening in your body both hormonally and physically.  Some will experience emotional swings because of the hormone surges.  So husbands, please be understanding.

From a physical standpoint, it is not uncommon to feel menstrual type cramps because everything is growing and being stretched.  This type of pain is typically cramping and sharp shooting in nature.  This is because there are ligaments that are attached to your uterus.  The easiest way to describe them is that they are like rubber bands that attach to your uterus.  So as you grow, they stretch.  And sometimes, if they stretch too much, they’ll spasm and you’ll experience a sudden sharp shooting pain.  This pain can feel like someone is jabbing you from the vagina up (doesn’t that sound good), and sometimes it’ll feel like a shooting vaginal pain down wards or across your lower abdomin.  These typically don’t last long, but it can be quite uncomfortable.  This is completely normal.  It does not mean you are trying to have a miscarriage.  It’s normal growth.  However, most Ob/Gyn’s will order an ultrasound to make sure everything is ok.

The other thing that can happen early on is nausea and vomiting.  This is normal because of the hormonal changes that is occurring.  It typically peaks between 8-10 weeks for most women, but some will continue beyond the 12th week.  There are a wide range of treatment including vitamins, pressure point stimulator, and medicine that can help.  Please talk to your health care provider if your experiencing severe nausea or vomiting.

The first trimester can also be a time of anxiousness.  This is true for anyone that has had a miscarriage.  Most miscarriage will happen in the first trimester, and the majority of these are related to chromosomal abnormalities.  While there are certain behavors that may increase the risk of miscarriage such as smoking and high caffeine intake, the majority of miscarriages are uncontrollable.  Symptoms of miscarrage are usually severe recurrent cramping that doesn’t ease up and vaginal bleeding.  If you have these symptoms, please notify your health care provider.

Hope this quick synopsis helped answer some of your questions.  Good luck!


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