Monitoring your Baby in Labor: What is Electronic Fetal Monitoring?


In the process of labor your baby’s normal fetal heart rate patterns assure us of the well-being of the baby, and it’s tolerance of the process of labor.  During labor, the baby’s heart rate is monitored most commonly by a device called the Electronic Fetal Monitor.  Many of you may be familiar with the device with the 2 Velcro straps wrapped across your belly.  One of the circular sensors of the monitor laid across your abdomen picks up the fetal heart rate, while the other sensor measures the frequency of your contractions.


While we don’t intend for labor to be a ‘stressful’ condition for you or your baby, the reality is that the arduous process of labor can be a stress to both of you.  While in labor, we monitor our Moms with vital signs, oxygen status, often IV hydration, and pain management when requested. Monitoring of the baby’s status during labor happens by our interpretation of the baby’s fetal heart rate patterns, using the Electronic Fetal Monitor.  The monitor uses Doppler ultrasound wave forms (no radiation exposure) to record the fetal heart rate pattern, and is considered completely safe, posing no risk to your baby.


Here’s more information from ACOG on fetal monitoring during labor:



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